Why is a professional photographer a professional….? What’s the difference…

It was a conversation recently with my fiancé that bought to my attention that there are so many elements within photography that I do as a reflex or instinct, that I don’t pay any heed to what I actually do when I’m working.

These are to me the simple and basic things that I wouldn’t dare not do…..I correct posing of the client/group…. Attention to detail in the background of an image…. Looking at peoples clothes/hair and making it sure it’s ok ( and considering depending on the possible problem it could present..)…

Connecting and learning about the people I’m photographing to find the real person, the art of conversation… Knowing the exposure problems and solutions by just being in the space I’m photographing within – the inbuilt light meter…

Looking for the opportunity in every concept/location and idea… If I’m artificially lighting a shot I’ve mentally placed all the lights based on the gear I’ve got and what power it has to do the job to get the result I want – this does slightly infuriate assistants, because I just DO, and think sometimes too fast for them to catch up…

So this all comes down to 30 years extensive training and experience from QLD college of Art and the numerous photographers I’ve assisted and worked with over …. Oh and I could mention the discipline of shooting on film… but that would show my age.

So what is a professional…. The professional photographer thinks instinctively about the 100 things that go into each image without you knowing thy’re doing it before they’ve taken a photograph.

Bespoke Studio provides unique photography services across Queensland, Australia.

Established in1995 by Mark Duffus.

For the last 32 years Mark has gained experience in every aspect of th­e photographic industry. His experience spans from Portraits and Weddings through to corporate, fashion, architecture and advertising photography as well as black and white darkroom to full commercial darkroom techniques.

Mark graduated from the Queensland College of Art with Associate Diploma in Arts – Applied Photography, and while studying Mark worked as an assistant for Wedding Photographers whilst also working in a lab. This was an era where a big coverage of a wedding consisted of 120-150 shots and a portrait session was normally taken on 1 – 2 rolls of 120 film.

And it was this progression though all aspects of the industry that, along with a strong business guidance from his father in the pharmacy industry, gave Mark the vision to be aware of the need to marry the love of photography with financial awareness of what is required to make it a long lasting career.

This challenge has been the driving force in Mark’s career, to adapt, source work and build client relationships to give him the business skills that allowed him to successfully run his own business for the last 18 years and do what he loves.

Mark joined the AIPP in 1992 and the diverse nature of Mark’s work and love of photography means that he is always driven to produce award winning imagery. Over the last twenty years Mark has received 135 state and national awards, achieving the level of Master of photography in 1997, 2004, 2008 & 2013.

Mark has also played an active part in the industry and was an AIPP Qld Council member from 1994 to 2001 and prior to this was also part of the PPAQ council while working at Roland Hardy Photography from 1991 – 1994.

Although there have been many technology changes in the last 30 years many of the day to day principles of running a business are still the same, but with a modern twist.

Mark’s experience with wedding and portraits in the first ten years of his career enabled him draw on all of his experience and apply these skills when he made the change to commercial based photography 18 years ago.

Mark still runs a successful Commercial Photography business today whilst also maintaining his portrait and wedding clientele.

M.Photog IV AIPP

2006 Runner up Editorial Photographer of the Year Qld AIPP
2004 Winner Avante Garde Section Australian Hair Fashion Awards
2002 Runner Up Australian Advertising Photographer of the Year, AIPP
2007 Runner Up Australian Editorial Photographer of the Year, AIPP
1993 – 2018 193 State & national Awards with the AIPP

2013 – 2018 38 international awards.

2010 Runner Up QLD AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year.

2012 Runner Up Qld AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year.

2013 Finalist Qld AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year.

2014 Runner Up Qld AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year.

2014 2nd Place US WPPI Commercial Photographer of the Year.

2014 Highest scoring Commercial print AIPP National Awards.

2014 1st Place 1st & 2nd Half competition US WPPI Commercial Photographer of the Year.

2015 3rd Place US WPPI Commercial Photographer of the Year. 7 Silver Awards.

2015 Finalist Qld Aipp Commercial photographer of the year.

2016 Finalist Qld Aipp Commercial photographer of the year.

2017 Finalist Qld Aipp Commercial photographer of the year.

2018 Qld Aipp Commercial photographer of the year.

Warm regards,
Mark Duffus
Bespoke Studio


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